Scope of Certification


  • Safety: Analytically unobjectionable product samples based on selected safety parameters. Checks of conformity analyses according the SGF Conformity Matrix for non-system goods
  • Authenticity and Labelling: Product samples without adulteration based on selected authenticity parameters
  • Traceability: Provision of all retained samples and data to trace back defined product portions through all production and sales stages
  • Hygiene and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice): Production conditions according to the audit checklist for Processing. You will find the explanation of the checklist here
  • Sustainability: Commitment to the AIJN Code of Business Conduct


How to become a member

7 steps to membership

  1. Fill in application forms
  2. Executive Committee decides about application
  3. Payment of first member contribution fee
  4. Official welcome as new member
  5. First plant audit and analysis of samples taken
  6. Results are communicated
  7. In case of positive results, status in the member portal JuiceBase is "certified"


Application Form and Info

Fill in the application form and become part of our Voluntary Control System.

If your company is already a member and you would like to register an additional site, please use this form for the registration of an additional company site.


Please also note the following documents:


Calculate Annual Fee

Please enter a number
Please enter a number
Annual Membership Fee *
* This is only a guide value. VAT can be added in single cases. Please contact us to get the exact amount.

Calculation Base

The membership fee of the group IRMA/Processing is based on the notifiable sales in EURO generated by the member company including all subsidiaries in the EU domestic market and in all countries that have instructed SGF to proceed with national controls of semi-finished goods.

The membership fee includes one production site run by the member company. For every further production site, an additional amount of 4,500 € shall be charged. This also applies when paying the maximum fee.

For futher details, we refer to our membership fee regulations.

Example for calculating the membership fee

Annual turnover report 15,000,000 € with 2 production sites

  • up to 10 million (0.9 ‰): 9,000 €
  • from 10 to 15 million (0.4 ‰): 2,000 €
  • 2nd production site: 4,500 €
  • Total membership fee: 15,500 €


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