Benefits and Services

You have various benefits from being a member of a safe system.

Your Benefits

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Some of the benefits are


  • Hotline for technical matters
  • Scientific and legal support in case of unjustified attacks
  • Online Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (FFVA)
  • Explanation and interpretation of analytical results
  • Label checks of finished goods
  • Participation in SGF interlaboratory comparison tests
  • Special food safety and authenticity campaigns
  • Explanation of EU legislation and industrial self-regulation issues


  • Authenticity and quality of fruit and vegetable products
  • Traceability of the products
  • Hygiene conditions during production
  • Sustainable and responsible company management
  • Labelling of finished and semi-finished goods
  • Compliance with the rules of the SGF Voluntary Control System


  • SGF News on internal subjects and topics of our industry
  • SGF Early Warnings in case of severe adulteration and health risks
  • SGF database of authentic samples
  • List of SGF certified members
  • Access to certificates, audit checklists and analytical reports of your suppliers
  • Fruit- and region-specific pesticides database FRAPP
  • FRAPP Early Information System

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