Scope of Certification

IRMA/Tank Cleaning

  • Personnel: Proper management system indicating the active commitment for quality and food safety 
  • Traceability: Provision of a suitable documentation- and data monitoring system
  • Hygiene: Hygiene requirements related to cleaning of food stuff containers
  • Quality Assurance: Quality management according to SGF Food Audit Checklist for Tank Cleaning Operations

How to become a member

7 steps to membership

  1. Fill in application forms
  2. Executive Committee decides about application
  3. Payment of first member contribution fee
  4. Official welcome as new member
  5. First plant audit and analysis of samples taken
  6. Results are communicated
  7. In case of positive results, indication as approved supplier in the list of VCS participants and provision of the certificate

Become a Member

Application Form and Info

Fill out the application form and become part of our Voluntary Control System. Please send the completed application form to info(at)

Please also note the SGF statutes, the membership fee regulations and the rules of the Voluntary Control System (VCS Rules).

Annual Fee

The membership fee for the area IRMA/Tank Cleaning is a flat rate of 300 € p.a.

As SGF has outsourced the certification process to the external accredited certification body AJA Registrars Germany in Speyer, the additional costs for the actual audit have to be paid directly to AJA Registrars.


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