ITEM 1 Opening and Welcome of the General Assembly by the President

ITEM 2 Report by the Executive Committee and the Management

ITEM 3 Formal Requirements
    3.1 Financial Statement and Reports 2020
    3.2 Report by the Financial Auditors
    3.3 Formal Approval of the Executive Committee’s and the Management’s Actions
    3.4 Adaptation of the Budget 2021
    3.5 Suggestion and Approval of the Budget 2022
    3.6 Drawing of 10 Companies for Checking the Statement of Turnover

ITEM 4 Amendment of the Statutes 

ITEM 5 Elections
    5.1 Elections to the Executive Committee
    5.2 Elections to the Administrative Council

ITEM 6 Further Motions to the General Assembly

ITEM 7 Quality Juice Foundation: Award Winner 2021

ITEM 8 Miscellaneous