General Assembly

The General Assembly is the association’s highest organ. It is made up of the members and convened and held by the President of SGF. Any properly convened General Assembly, which normally takes place once a year, constitutes a quorum regardless of the number of members present.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of three bodies: the Executive Committee, the IQCS Board and the IRMA Board. The members of the Executive Committee, the Boards and the other bodies entrusted with certain tasks by the Executive Committee or the General Assembly shall promote the objectives of the association to the best of their ability, carry out their obligations impartially and refrain from making any illicit use of the business and trade secrets and all information regarding third-party companies coming to their knowledge while performing their activities.



The main departments cover the IRMA and IQCS controls, together with the department for research, development of new control procedures and special controls.


The Secretariat is responsible for implementation of decisions taken by the General Assembly, Executive Committee and IRMA or IQCS Board as part of the daily work of the association.

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