about 1970

Adulterated products and unfair competition put the industry's image at risk.

The industry is looking for a solution.


Foundation of Interessengemeinschaft Zitrussäfte e.V. (IGZ)

On initiative of the German Verband der Fruchtsaft-Industrie (VdF) for continuous monitoring of quality and labeling of citrus juices on the German market.


Foundation of Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaft- Industrie e.V. (SGF)

As instrument of industrial self-control and re-establishing clean and fair market conditions.


Publication: "Steckbrief für Orangensäfte" by VdF

The "Steckbrief" (Wanted poster) contains standard values and ranges for certain reference numbers (RSK values, Richtwerte und Schwankungsbreiten bestimmter Kennzahlen) for analytical evaluation of products. The self-control of SGF has scored first success. Major quality defects are being eliminated using legal assistance.



SGF now operates independently of its sister association VdF from its own office in Zornheim. IGZ merges into SGF.


Further development of "Steckbrief für Orangensäfte"

VDF compiles RSK values for other types of fruit juice.


Expansion of member base

The work of the SGF shall be supported by all German producers. An identical membership order of VdF and SGF supports double membership in both associations. Most of the VdF members also join SGF.


Foundation of Voluntary Control System (VCS)

For the first time, SGF controls compliance with VCS rules on quality assurance at manufacturers, bottlers and their suppliers.
This completes the VCS control chain "from the tree to the bottle and back".


Foundation IRMA (International Raw Material Assurance)

SGF offers its raw material control service for bottlers in all of Europe.
The Danish fruit juice industry is the first to make use of this offer.


Publication of "Code of Practice" by European fruit juice association AIJN

The Code of Practice defines a uniform commercial practice for the European market and describes authentic fruit juices taking the RSK system as model.


Start of Voluntary Control System in the new German Federal States

The bottlers from the new German Federal States join the SGF as per decision by their association.


Regional Quality Control System (RQCS)

The Regional Control System originates in cooperation with the Austrian Fruit Juice Association. Controls of market, bottlers, and suppliers are expanded beyond Germany for the first time.


Presentation of FLAIR/BCR project in Parma

I within the scope of a scientific symposium, SGF presents the results of its EU sponsored study in advanced methods for fruit juice analysis.

Cooperation of SGF/IRMA with the Swedish fruit juice industry

After Austria, Sweden is making use of the SGF/IRMA service.

EQCS (European Quality Control System)

European control system from different EU countries join under the umbrella of the EQCS.


SGF/IRMA service expanded into Hungary, Finland, and the Netherlands

Bottlers from these countries join the control system.


SGF/IRMA takes over central raw materials control

in Europe for all local control systems associated with EQCS.


Certification of the Voluntary Control System of SGF

by EQCS with regard to fulfillment of all requirements, rules and "guidelines".


Dr. Karl Neuhäuser becomes President of SGF

succeeding A. Wiesenberger, President for many years.


SGF is the international industrial association with the most members

namely more than 500 members from about 50 countries.


Start of SGF hygiene audits

All manufacturers are being controlled following a hygiene checklist.

Start of Quality Initiative South and East Europe(SGF/Quisee)

with the goal to initiate local control systems in the EU candidate countries in East-Europe and to support the set-up of such systems in South-Europe.


SGF data base published on the Internet

The data base contains values from authentic samples from all over the world. The fruit juice industries of Sweden and Ireland joined SGF/RQCS to be involved in SGF market and bottler/packer controls.

Start of EU research project "Pure Juice"

SGF is in charge of this project.



The bottlers of Denmark and Czech Republic joined the SGF/RQCS
for market and bottler/packer controls.


service expanded into Poland and Czech Republic.


SGF International e. V.

General Assembly of Schutzgemeinschaft der Fruchtsaft-Industrie e. V. approves the reform of Statutes and Structure on May 13, 2004. Official Headquarter moves from Bonn to Frankfurt/Main. New structure of the Boards: Executive Committee, IRMA-Board, RQCS-Board.



"Pure Juice" runs out.

General Assembly approves on May 24, 2005

the amendment of the contribution order.

Start of project

"Fruit Risk Assessment Project for Pestides" (FRAPP).


SGF/IRMA Code of Conduct (CoC) implemented

Central issues in the Code of Conduct include among others working time regulations, the payment of appropriate wages, the prohibition of child and forced labour and the ban on discrimination. The Code of Conduct also covers sustainability issues related to the environment.


New method for analysing fruit juice: SGF-Profiling (Spin Generated Fingerprint Profiling)

Developed by Bruker Biospin in cooperation with SGF, the SGF-Profiling is an efficient pre-screening that makes quality analysis of fruit juice more efficient.


Success of the Code of Conduct

Since its introduction in 2007, the Code of Conduct has been endorsed by 90% of all SGF raw material suppliers and traders.

Change of name of the market and bottler control system

RQCS (Regional Quality Control System) in IQCS (International Quality Control System).

"2008 Industrial Award" for the SGF-Profiling as efficient pre-screening in fruit juice analysis

in the category industrial automation.

Cooperation between GlobalG.A.P. and SGF International e.V.

in the area of safeguarding minimum ecological and social standards on the level of fruit farmers and suppliers in the fruit juice industry.


Restructuring of the EQCS (European Quality Control System)

Changing from the legal form of a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) into the legal form of a non-profit organization under Belgian law (AISBL – Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif) with new statutes and guidelines.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for long term cooperation between CIQA and SGF

From now on, the China Inspection Authority for Import and Export (CIQA) advises all China’s fruit processors to join the SGF, participate in the SGF/IRMA control system and comply with the IRMA audit and inspection standards. Furthermore, all Chinese importers of concentrated fruit juice, purees etc. are advised to purchase from suppliers audited by SGF/IRMA.

Foundation of the Quality Juice Foundation (QJF)

with headquarters in Mainz. The QJF assumes the SGF’s assets in the improbable event of the SGF going into liquidation.

20th anniversary of international raw material control by the SGF

SGF/IRMA (International Raw Material Assurance), founded in 1989. The successful work of industrial self-control is being presented by a five-minute video clip.


Cooperation between CBIA (China Beverage Industry Association) und SGF

Based on mutual association membership the quality of fruit juices and their raw materials on the Chinese market shall be assured.

Mutual membership between CitrusBR and SGF

The Brazilian Association of Citrus Exporters (CitrusBR) and SGF support the philosophy and commitment of the corresponding partner association.

First SGF/IRMA auditor’s workshop

to share experience and complete a training programme. In future, it will be held every two years.


Cooperation with CRI

Signing of the cooperation agreement with the Chinese Citrus Research Institute (CRI), Chongqing, focused on safety and authenticity data of Chinese orange juice.

Cooperation with CFNA

Signing of the cooperation agreement with the China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products, Fruit & Vegetables & Industrial Food Dept China (CFNA).


New projects and cooperation-contracts:

  • Project agreement "QUALITHAI" between the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and SGF to improve product safety and quality for the Thai fruit juice industry.
  • Cooperation with the Turkish fruit juice association MEYED.
  • Contract with the Association of Russian Fruit Juice Producers RSPS about an IRMA service programme.
  • Contract with the South African Fruit Juice Association SAFJA about an IRMA service programme.


Dr. Joachim Tretzel, Döhler GmbH, Darmstadt, is the new president of SGF International e.V.

as successor of the former long-time president Dr. Karl Neuhäuser who is nominated as honorary president.

Pilot Audit tank cleaning stations


New SGF company logo

At the General Assembly, SGF presents the new, professionally designed company logo.

Successful digitalization of the audit process

The auditors now handle the data retrieval, data input and data transmission during the audit with the help of the newly developed app through a tablet. This paperless system is environmentally friendly, cost and time efficient and less prone to mistakes.

SGF International e.V. celebrates 40th jubilee

during the Juice Summit in Antwerp with a gala evening attended by around 500 guests. From the first analysis of finished products on the market, SGF has developed into the acknowledged global system for fruit juices that serves the industry regarding all aspects of production, quality, authenticity, safety and sustainability.


Successful conclusion of the SGF-project QUALITHAI

A final workshop at the “SGF/IRMA Conference Thailand and Far East” marks the conclusion of the SGF-project QUALITHAI (project to improve product safety and quality for the fruit juice industry in Thailand).

Internal preparation meeting for ISO 9001:2015 certification

Through an internal audit, SGF International e.V. prepares for the upcoming ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Presentation of the SGF corporate movie

At the General Assembly in Antwerp, Belgium, SGF presents the new, professionally designed corporate video "Be Part of a Safe System", that imparts SGF’s core process in an entertaining manner.

First transport company of the fruit juice sector certified

For the first time, SGF certifies a German forwarding agent that conducts aseptic transports for the fruit juice industry.

Approval of AIJN CoBC obligatory for SGF members

In its Code of Business Conduct (CoBC) of the fruit juice industy, AIJN has formulated principles on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability matters that have to be approved by SGF/IRMA and SGF/IQCS members in order to become SGF-certified.


4th Auditors’ workshop in Mainz, Germany

Training of the SGF-auditors regarding current developments at SGF and new versions of the audit app.

SGF/IFU road show in five Latin American countries

SGF and IFU jointly organize seminars in five different Latin American countries in order to intensify the contact to the local members and to inform about new developments of the fruit juice sector.

Successful SGF certification according to ISO 9001:2015

For the first time, it is officially certified that SGF that SGF has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System in the scope of the voluntary self-control of the worldwide juice industry that fulfils the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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