Control of tank cleaning stations

Certification of tank cleaning stations

SGF International e.V. (SGF) has now added a Voluntary Control System (VCS) for tank cleaning stations offering food cleaning. With this VCS we closed the control gap in the fruit juice supply chain. The scope is the cleaning of tank cars, containers and intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) for liquid foodstuff only.

Cleaning stations must apply for SGF Extra‐ordinary membership before the certification process can start.

Full information on the requirements as described in the VCS for tank cleaning (DOC_022) and the audit checklist (document DOC_020) can be obtained in the public part of the website:

Conditions for a voluntary certification

Cleaning stations are recommended only to apply for certification if they at least fulfil the following requirements:

  • A complete HACCP analysis must be present
  • A suitable process data monitoring and traceability system must be installed
  • The food cleaning must exclusively carried out with water in compliance with the EC
  • Directive 98/83.
  • Food cleaning bay’s must be clearly separated from chemical cleaning bay’s

Without fulfilling these requirements certification will not be possible.

Certified cleaning stations

By expanding the network of SGF certified cleaning stations in Europe we will work all together on a chain of high quality and safe food products.

You will find the list of certified tank cleaning stations in the member portal.

Certification body

Cleaning stations, when applied for membership, can contact a SGF recognised and accredited certification body for carrying out an audit in order to verify compliance with the SGF requirements.

SGF outsourced the whole audit and certification process to AJA Registrars GmbH, in Speyer, Germany. AJA Registrars GmbH is accredited for various ISO Standards such as: Quality (ISO 9001), Food Safety (ISO 22000) and Environmental (ISO 14001) and has accredited auditors for SQAS (auditing system installed for auditing chemical cleanings stations).

See for further information on AJA Registrars GmbH:

The audit and certification process then starts and is managed by the certification body itself Whereby own or sub‐contracted qualified and trained auditors will be used. SGF will be informed about the result and when successful SGF will up‐load audit reports and certificate to the SGF member portal. This information will then be visible for all SGF Ordinary Members (IQCS, IRMA,) and Extra‐Ordinary Members (Traders, Transport companies and cleaning stations), if they make it public.

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