About us

Pioneer for industrial self-control

SGF International e.V. is seen as a pioneer for industrial self-control in the fruit juice industry. It serves as role model for other parts of the food industry.

SGF is a registered association at Frankfurt/Germany district court. As a non-profit organization, SGF is carried and financed by more than 650 member companies of the branch from nearly 60 countries worldwide.

SGF sees itself as a partner of the industry in all matters of safety and quality of fruit juices.

Member structure

SGF accepts members from all areas involved in the production and trading of fruit and vegetable juices, nectars and other products based on fruit and vegetables.

According to Section 4 of the Statutes, the members are split into the categories of ordinary, extraordinary and supporting members. Ordinary and extraordinary members take part in the Voluntary Control System (VCS).

Membership structure

Objectives of the Association

Objectives of the association are:
(1) to promote free and fair competition as a matter of priority; therefore

  • to promote safety and quality of the monitored products;
  • to protect members against unfair competition;
  • to support members in complying with diligence as well as
  • to support members in averting unjust attempts.

(2) and thus to contribute to improved consumer protection.
(3) to control fruit juices, fruit nectars and other products made from fruits and vegetables.

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