Fruit Risk Assessment Programme for Pesticides (FRAPP)

Since 2005, in the framework of the Food Safety Initiative FRAPP, SGF has been collecting data on pesticides applied during the plantation of fruits intended for further processing. Central point of risk assessment in the area of industrial processed fruits is the worldwide elicitation of data of applied pesticides which SGF has been successfully using already since many years. Thereby the industry immunises itself to a great extend against unjustified allegations and sweeping judgements. In the meantime FRAPP is well known and appreciated by the authorities, e. g. the European Commission and several other national institutions.

Participation is a criterion for certification

The participation in FRAPP is stipulated in the SGF implementing provisions since several years and thus mandatory for companies processing fruits. Through the projected implementation of this point as criterion for awarding the SGF certificate the importance of FRAPP was formally enhanced.

Aims and benefits of FRAPP

Aim of FRAPP is the collection of all pesticides that are applied during plantation of fruits to be further processed. Through statistical evaluation of these data a better fruit and regional specific quality control is possible. Furthermore – and this is the even greater benefit of this initiative – the processing companies are individually informed on the evaluation of the pesticides they apply on their products. Here deviating national situations between the country of production and the importing country become evident. Long-term developments of legal situation can be anticipated. The FRAPP certificate of attendance demonstrates an active risk management against customers.

Nevertheless FRAPP can on no account raise any claim of completeness in terms of the elicitation of all pesticide data according to industrial reality. Due to special structures in the fruit supply chain it is obvious that particular efforts are necessary to compile the needed information. However, our industry cannot evade the general trend to an obligatory documentation of pesticide use within the food industry. Against this background minimum standards for a participation in FRAPP have been stipulated in order to guarantee fair circumstances with the awarding of the SGF certificate.

How can you participate in FRAPP?

In order to participate in FRAPP at least data of the five most important fruit suppliers of one kind of fruit have to be submitted. The data transfer requires less complex information. Merely the name of the substance applied to one kind of fruit and information on the amount of the processed fruits are necessary. No other data like frequency of application, concentration or other technical data are necessary.

Practical information for participating companies

SGF has developed a data collection form for compiling the pesticide data. This Excel sheet and the corresponding explanation are available in 6 different languages. You will find the data collection form in our download area under project information/FRAPP. 

European Legislation:
Harmonised MRLs of European Commission

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