Market surveys

Control of safety, quality and labelling of products on the market

IQCS/Bottler monitors the authenticity and labelling of fruit and vegetable juices, nectars and fruit juice beverages based on random sampling purchases in supermarkets. As the products of VCS participants are already regularly monitored in mostly unannounced plant inspections, the market controls are additionally and primarily aimed at imported products and products from bottlers not participating in the control system.

Which products are analysed?

Sampling and analyses are conducted with a view to market-specific risk appraisal. That means that individual product categories are selected according to their market significance and consumer preference. Priority is also given to examining products with conspicuously low prices.

Quality deviations

In case of quality deviations, normally SGF approaches the product manufacturer so that detected deviations can be remedied with the affected company on an internal level. But if the product packaging does not indicate the manufacturer‘s identity, contact has to be established with the distributing retail company who places the product on the market.

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