Semi-finished goods control

International Raw Material Assurance IRMA

One of the two pillars of the Voluntary Control System is the International Raw Material Assurance SGF/IRMA. Since the start of the raw material control service in 1989, this department has become more and more successful in safeguarding the quality of the raw materials for our branch products with meanwhile 487 member companies in 55 countries of the world.

In the meantime, SGF/IRMA has become a widely known brand that vouches for the quality of the certified products. Our members place their trust in the certification of our IRMA plants when purchasing their raw materials.  

IRMA is responsible for checking the raw material markets as well as fruit processors, blending stations, traders, brokers, warehouses, tank cleaning stations, coldstores and transport companies participating in the VCS.

SGF/IRMA worldwide active

What makes IRMA certification stand out?

An IRMA member is audited at least once a year by our trained, experienced auditors. An IRMA-certified member company has successfully undergone the SGF audit based on the SGF audit checklist STANDARD or follow-up inspection.

The company is examined for serveral aspects of socially and ecologically sustainable management on the basis of the AIJN Code of Business Conduct. Random tests check and assure compliance with the SGF/IRMA Code of Labelling. Every IRMA company has also undergone a traceability review. All product samples taken during production are analysed by SGF Profiling; any doubtful results are backed up by conventional analysis. If no objections are generated by the product analysis, the IRMA member then receives the SGF certificate as approved supplier. All certified suppliers are featured with their product portfolio in the members section of the SGF homepage and can also be contacted directly from this point.

Audits in IRMA member companies

In the years since founding the Voluntary Control System (VCS), the SGF audit has developed from a simple sampling procedure through to a complex plant inspection on basis of the SGF Audit Checklist STANDARD. Today, the IRMA audit consists of the following parts:

  • Sampling from ongoing production and from the warehouse (counter samples for production and delivery) for analytical examination

  • Hygiene Audit according to international standards

  • Review of documentation and traceability as well as system rules

  • Review of SGF/Code of Labelling - correct labelling of semi-finished goods

  • Review of AIJN Code of Business Conduct - Assuring awareness for market participants and verification of several aspects of minimum social and ecological standards

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