Standardised labelling

Code of Labelling (CoL)

The SGF/IRMA Code of Labelling was developed in 2003 for the labelling of barrels and other containers, against the background of a long history of complaints about the inadequate labelling of fruit juice concentrates, purees and similar products. Compliance with the Code of Labelling should avoid confusion and problems during raw material incoming inspections with bottlers and blending stations.

SGF has developed a "standard label" including a comprehensive catalogue of labelling regulations for raw materials for the fruit juice industry. This allows a uniform and clear labelling of raw materials which was urgently needed in view of the globally deviating practices and the risk of confusion resulting from these differences.

Herewith, SGF contributes once again to the systematic collection of all data needed for traceability, facilitates the inward controls in the companies, and helps to prevent the misuse of raw materials.

The SGF/IRMA Code of Labelling consists of the minimum requirements for a label, material requirements and recommendations.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements made of the identification elements in a label are as follows:

  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Additive
  • Product code
  • Brix (either corrected or refractometric)
  • Either ratio or acid (acids in g/kg and naming the reference acid)
  • Country of origin
  • Traceability data
  • Storage
  • Bottling date: day/month/year
  • Net weight or net content

All these elements must be declared on a label.

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